Mission: Don’t Get Sick at EPCOT


Mission: Space has been undergoing some updates lately!  The Orange mission is being updated and should provide additional dimensions to your adventure!  WARNING: If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to avoid this attraction!  It was difficult before, and expected to be just a difficult, if not more so, as before.

The Green Mission has an entire new theme and is expected to be much more family-friendly than it’s previous version.  In this easy going adventure, you will be able to take orbit around the earth and enjoy an Astronauts view of our world from the vantage point of space!  It is believed that this was developed for the purpose of attracting families with younger children.

I hope it works for them as I believe EVERYONE should be able to enjoy EPCOT at some level!

Thanks for reading, and Let’s Keep The Magic Alive!!