Remember Where We Parked

And, so it happens!  You drive to your favorite Theme Park, park the car, go have a long day of fun and excitement, and then…you forget where you parked the car!

There a few solutions to this issue.  You can just walk around the parking lot hoping to stumble upon your vehicle.  You can wait until everyone else leaves and find your car as it is one of only a few left, enjoy the walk!  Or, you can record where you parked before you leave your spot in the lot!

Let’s use parking for The Magic Kingdom, as an example.  You are parking in possibly the largest lot in the U.S.  Commonly referred to as the Transportation and Ticket Center lot, you could almost find yourself in a different ZIP code.  It would be easy to get turned around and lose your ride, for a time!

MK Parking

So, take a moment to make a note, take a picture, something to help you find your way ‘home’ after a long day at the park!

This is not a tip just for Walt Disney World, it can apply to any of the Central Florida theme parks.  And, how embarrassing is it to think you couldn’t get back to your wheels?

Thanks for reading and have a magical_matthew day!